Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Iman!

Iman, you're 4 today!

Happy Birthday sayang.

I called earlier to wish him (as if he would understand much), and once he's on the phone, he couldnt stop rambling about the toy cars that he got for himself yet again. Bebel2 tak stop2, I couldnt even cut him to wish him. And when I finally got my chance, he passed the phone to Ayah.

Ahh well.

But he did mentioned the red towel with a car picture on it! Yeayyy! He even aknowledge the fact that I bought it for him. So that felt good. :))

So there.

Happy birthday again. (As if he knows how to read lah kan...)


iezu said...

hari tu ade gak berkira2 umur iman tu brape...i kinda agak alredi dia sebaya my nephew.

tp from ur stories...mcm langit n bumi je iman dgn my nephew haqim tu..

twisted-dolly said...

oh same age ke? yang mana?
why laa langit ngn bumi? haqim? very nice name hehe

iezu said...

yang adik tu la. yg abang tu dah darjah satu tahun ni.

haqim bday in sept...iman in jan. that's one difference. tp personality wise pon mcm lain je. iman mcm agak independent but my nephew tu ala2 timid. and dia lambat cakap la...till now we generally dont understand him cakap. anak2 my cousin his age...sume dah petah and keletah..

twisted-dolly said...

ooo maybe sbb die lahir sept kot tu yg lmbt sket??? hehe well most of my siblings mmg sume independent. i guess that's how my parents wnts kot. ada je my cousin pun lmbt ckp jugak. skrang pun still pelat2 lagi. dh nk darjah 1.

iezu said...

tu anak org ku x kesah pon dia pelat ke ape ke. haha

tp ni my own anak sdra...ade la sedikit kerisauan...

twisted-dolly said...

alah rileks la. nnt ok laa tu... kang petah sgt tak terlarat pulak awk nk layan