Saturday, January 24, 2009

jangan terkejut

Hi everyone!

Guess what?

Oh IF anyone went to Suraya's wedding today, might know this already. But what the heck.


Yes yes, im home. As in home in MALAYSIA!

Im so sorry I didnt let u know. Actually, I didnt tell ANYONE. So siapa2 jgn lah terasa ok?

Its a sake to make a big surprise to Suraya, and it worked! It was simply bliss seeing her so shocked yet excited, and we both made a lil bit of drama in the morning of her wedding, hugging and shouting and crying at the same time. And then buat sume org yg attend the wedding terkejut jugak, including Baya, Isma (which she had sensed it tho. Damn!), Aiza, Yan, Sara n Melissa. And not to forget Fatimah and Aisyah. Yeayyyy! Semua org terkejut and happy! Im soooo happy! :D

So there.

I landed on Tuesday midnight, and has been home ever since haha. So today's the first time I went out and meet friends, at Suraya's wedding.

Will update later on with gorgeous and gorgeous pictures of Suraya, and of course us! hahaha Thanks to the photographer, mek Aisyah!

And again, people, IM BACK! LETS MEET UP!!!


Suraya said...

ohhh i dah agak u akan balik for her weddingg..didnt know it was bad i missed it :((

upload pictures plss.... glad ur back, stay sampai bila?? rajin2 la update yerrrr..hubby ikut tak?

twisted-dolly said...

yeap it was today. i think she didnt know ur back kot. kalau aizuddin pegi, u can tag along, but die ckp takde "proper" invitation, so die tak pegi. padahal suraya dh ajak mulut kt dia.

will definitely upload the pics. i blk sebulan! wohoooo! and i tinggal hubby! hihihi kesian dia...

Penance said...

tsk. apa la si syed nk buat sebulan kat sane..

ape2 pun selamat pulang lah sarah. heheh.

twisted-dolly said...

dont worry jack. syed dh layout plan weekend dia for the whole month! hehe

terima kasih terima kasih :)

Suraya said...

ohh...tula i pun tak in contact with her or korang nye geng..hihi...takpelahh...kirim salam kat dia plss ? :) din mmg gitu. haha

twisted-dolly said...

sure thing. nnt kite bgtau die. jom lah berjumpe cik kak! hehe

Melissa Mazlan said...

mane tak terkejut..heheh! punyala dah imagine awak pakai baju brown kat sane=p no wonder la tny kitaorg nak pakai baju colour apa..hahaha=)

nice suprise though=))

jom keluarrr!