Thursday, January 15, 2009

The new phase of life

So I got married at 23.

A friend of mine got married at the age of 20, and now she has 2 kids.

My classmate, Azurin got married at 22. Shaline got married a few months back, at 23.

A few more schoolmates, guy or girl also got married before or after me. And Im pretty sure mesti dah ada yang dah pregnant. I je ketinggalan haha!

Now there's a long list of friends, either from school or uni are getting married, or just got married, or had got married last year and I just found out last week, and now she's 1 month pregnant! Ok panjang nya ayat. Lelah kejap. Btw, congratulations Soraya! I know she doesnt read my blog, but I think all our classmates should know. Takut nanti orang terkejut beruk pulak tgk perut dia dah besar, tapi tatau ape-ape. Padahal dah kawin a week before convo!

And thanks to FB, I get to see pictures or updates on my friends, and today I found out Yin Meng, my classmate in form 4-5 just got married last December in California. Congratulations!

And a friend in UTP (although tak rapat sangat, but we still do smile or tegur whenever we bumped into each other) is getting married next month. Congratulations!

And Cik Faeeza, my classmate in UTP, also getting married in March. Congratulations!

And of course, my Suraya, is getting married next Saturday! Omg when I typed this, I got goosebumps and my stomach has butterflies. Im soooo nervous for her. And sooo happy. I miss her.

And another friend, yg I tak dibenarkn mention at all, even to tuan punya badan sbb takut die stress, is getting engaged next month, and will be getting married in a few months time. OMG! Now this is the biggest news ever. If only Im in Malaysia, Id be hitting her, and cubit2 dia sebab tiba-tiba je. I mean not that Im happy for her, tapi you (not her directly sbb its not her who told me hehe) buat I menggigil excited and curios and wondering dengan news ni! Congratulations darling! Big hug for you! And after dah confirm and out in the open, we have some serious talk to do!

So, ada sesiapa lagi yang nak kawin, and plan nak kawin???

I guess our lives are in the new phase dah kan? Getting engaged, married, or having kids. And not to foeget working life. Everything is so different from last year, when we just finished our studies, and has nothing better to do but to sit on the couch at home and watch TV, and jadi driver pick up adik-adik balik sekolah.

And now, we've left all that behind, and entering a new life. An exciting, adventurous and sometimes tiring life. But all is good right? We're officially an adult that has to stand up on our own two feet! Yeayy for us for making it!


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

ohhh rmainyee geting maried n preggy!! ngeh2.hurry, b one of preggy list plak ;p haha!

Anonymous said...

sarah.. bunyi cam scary je wen i found out ramai dah kawen and pregnant.. n me still study tak abes2.. adoiyaii :)
anyway, cukup2 ar shopping.. jeles neh~!!

twisted-dolly said...

faeeza: ha'ah ramai gileeeee. awk pun termasuk dlm list! haha preggie? sabar sabar. :p

azza: scary? no lah. u still have time ;). Oh i baru blk from shopping, yet again. Opsss sorry!!!! ehehe

twisted-dolly said...

erkk i tot u azza another friend kat dublin haha rupanya2 azlin. sorry babe! silap tak tgk profile dulu br reply comment

Anonymous said...

hehe.. its ok :)

ILynn said...

hmm trase lama pulak xmasuk sini...
but i think sbb u rajin there's a lot to read =)

i just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to ALL yg nak kawin n dh kawin
xsempat nak bersapa2 nk jmpe2 huhuhuh

tetibe rasa cm xcaya pulak that most of my friends are already married...gile ahhhhhh

twisted-dolly said...

ili: cam tak caya? awk pun dah nk kawin tak lama lg, mcm mana boleh tak caya ur friends dh kawin ni??? :p

btw, bila u nk kawin exactly? this year laa kan?