Saturday, January 31, 2009

random. mengarut

I am in need of a good pair of shoes. I didnt bring any home, just my flat shoes and my flat sandals. All flats I tell you! And when I say a good pair, I mean anything that wont give me blisters, tired feet, blisters again, and universal!

I saw one that I fell in love with. Nothing fancy, tp gorgeous sampai terbayang-bayang and termimpi-mimpi. And all the criteria dipenuhi. Simple, yet fancy enough to go to special ocassion. Sadly, its pricey!!! Tention lah kat sini, nak shopping sume rasa mahal. *sigh*

I havent bought any new shoes since... ermm... since... last month? Wow that felt ages ago...
Damn the itches on buying shoes is driving me nuts! Lagi-lagi bila tgk Afni nak beli kasut tadi. Isskkkkkkk.

Ok enough about shoes. I just have to let it out of my system. Now Im fine, but not my feet though.

Had loads of plans. Meet up with this and that. Penat, but fun! After each "single" day out, another plan will follow up. Best!

Went out today with Baya, Afni, Ina and my sis Aisyah. Watched Bride Wars, and had sushi for dinner. Borak, tuka tempat pegi kedai lain pulak to continue borak, and when all the shops are closed and we have no where else to go, Baya suggested we go lepak at her house pulak. Stayed there for an hour or so, borak+chat+gossip+gelak2 until 2am. Hubby marah cakap jangan buat style bujang. Errrrrr okkayyyyyy. Dah kawin dah tak boleh eh keluar malam-malam??? SORRY! We lost track of the time!

And now Im home, tired, but not sleepy. I guess the time has just passed, and Im no longer sleepy. Body cakap penat, tapi mind still awake. And tomorrow, have to pick up Aisyah in Tmn Tun since she's sleeping over at her old friend's hse, pagi pulak tu! Cant u just cancel ur training makcik???

Im babbling about nothing in particular. Just feels like I need to say something here.

Anyways, Puan Azurin IF you are reading, we should catch up before I go back to Perth ok?
Ms Haney, Ealya and Zaza... I'll meet u babes for lunch lah k? Ehehehhe sorry I missed it today :p

Ive made a list of thing I have/want/need to do/buy before I go back. Hmmm, and it seems that I havent accomplish any YET! Ohhh I better catch up with it...

Ok I think I should sleep. Unless, I dont sleep until 7.30am to go back to Taman Tun to pick up Meksah gedik. Should I or should I not?

Hmmpphhhh, I think I want to go to sleep! Aisyah will figure something out if I dont wake up in time eheh


azim.zainudin said...

im moved to

Anonymous said...

yang saye ader sesuatu usul yg agak menarik..erk w/pon ianya masih lmbt utk dilaksanakan but its worth a say~~mau tau aper..jeng jeng perlu la jmpe!ahahahaa!poyo dak???-baya-

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

ehh, puan blk mesia??bile blk perth blk??nnt nk pass kad kawen ;)!

twisted-dolly said...

azim: dh tgk! smart gila ok!

baya: poyo gila dowh! haha

faeeza: a'ah laa cik "puan". Saya kt kl ni. nk card! hehe