Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nah, update.

Oh lambatnya this week. I thought it was already Friday, rupa-rupanya baru Thursday.

Ive been going out almost everyday this week. I think its the weather. Its not really hot anymore, around 25-29 degrees. So its comfortable. Plus the wind is cold as well. But then today, currently its 29 degrees, and the maximum temperature for today is 40.

Yeap, definately not going out at all today.

Ive transfered the pictures that I took with the new camera. It looked really nice in the camera, but when its in the computer, it has all this whitish grains. Whyy??? I edited the brightness and the contrast of the pictures, but still, its not good. Is it because all the pictures was taken indoors? I think I want to try and take outdoor pictures. Its great and sunny outside, perhaps it will turn out great?

Ok, here's some pictures that I took at the hallway of our apartment. Not in our apartment though.

Of course. Gambar wajib. My feet looks fugly. Dah laa makin hitam, pastu ada half inai kat toe nail. Eewwww!!!

Our floor. Right after the lift opens, this is what u see.

Hubby walking to our apartment. It at the end of the hallway.

Alrighty. That's all the pictures that I will show you. Banyak-banyak nnt boring pulak.

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.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

40'C.. gosh.. i can't imagine.. here pun sgt2 pnas lately.. but only 25'c max..

p.s. dont forget to put on some spf ya..