Saturday, November 1, 2008

The one with the dinner party

Im guessing some may think "Kesian sarah kat Perth tu, hilang social life dia takde kawan."

Haa, if u dont, i did. Felt upset a lil bit since we dont know many people, YET. Our house is so quite, the only noise (which is quite noisy though) is syed's loud voice talking on the phone. Sedih kan? Haha and our entertainment is the internet and TV, most of the time especially on weekdays. And sometimes i was entertained by syed when he's boring tahap gila buat lawak main kejar2 or sorok belakang pintu terkejutkan org.

But this whole week was quite different.

The first guests we had at our house was Ayah Mat and Aunty Nora for dinner on Sunday, and i made spaghetti. Ape lg yg expert ye tak? hehe Kalau nk masak nasi ngn lauk still beginner lg. Lauk pn limited bak kate syed. Sorry ye encik Syed, makan je lah ape yg ade ;p

Then, we were planning to go for pot luck on Friday at Kak Nor's hse on Friday, which we've never met btw. We were invited by Kak Maiza, which we met at Harbour Town and were exchanging numbers and became instant friends. But on Thursday Kak Maiza called and told me that Kak Nor's busy on Friday so we couldnt have it at her hse and Kak Maiza suggested to have it at our hse instead, if its ok with us. Of course I said yes, excited as i was. Called hubby right away, and went to the butcher after lunch. It was the first time i took a bus alone and out of the city.

As some may know, I loveeeeee having dinner parties. Hosting one is my favourite. But unfortunately i dont think hubby knows, and he's not a fan of hosting one, cakap takut penat nnt. But of course lah kena jugak since i was too eager and i already said yes to Kak Maiza hehe. And i told him, once he's home from work, all he has to do is just laze around until ppl shows up, and i'll take care of the rest. All i asked was for him to be the photographer for the night. Punyalah nk amik hati.

So we ended up having a nice dinner "party" at our house on Friday. Ppl showed up around 7.30pm. The funny thing was we didnt even know or met our first guests before! Punya lah awkward, tp kena lah friendly jugak kan? Hehe And later Kak Maiza showed up with the rest of the crew. Lega sikit ada yg kenal. Our house was full! I was so excited and happy because we never have so many ppl in our small apartment before. And later Kak Nadia, Abg Shahid and baby Aishya showed up. Baby Aishya comel, but she slept the whole time! Tak sempat nk main2 ngn dia. I think we had around 12 ppl who came. Penuh rumah. We had a great night, eating, talking and laughing. And not forgetting exchanging phone numbers! I made friends with everyone. Bahagia. =D

They left around 11pm. They helped with the dishes as well. Best best. Kalau kt kl sendiri basuh sume maa... Hehe

After everyone was gone, we were exhausted. Lepak dpn tv and borak, and hubby said "It seems like we had a housewarming party or something." Boleh lah. Sekali kan je. Plus Kak Nadia and Abg Shahid never been to our hse before. Before this kitorg je menyemak kt rumah diorg every weekend. Muka tak malu betul. Lps tu tak ajak dtg rumah pn hehe. Sorry lah ye Kak Nadia, bukan tanak ajak, tp rumah still byk kekurangan. Nk menjamu pn rasa segan. But after we got our stuff from Malaysia, and the fridge has been restocked with loads of food, boleh laa buat makan2 lagi ;D

The sedih part sikit was, Syed Ahmad Khairi tak amik gamba langsung! :( Takleh nk show off kat sini haha


:: beecomot :: said...

adoi... xamik gmba langsung? hehe.. sibuk layan tetamu kot.. but ya.. u should be sad since it was ur 1st makan2.. i guess taking photo is compulsory when we're living far away from home!! xpe2, there is always next time..


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and do not hesitate to leave some comments ya... have a nice day in Perth :)

h a n e y s a said...

come on sara, we need pictures as evidence...

ei bile b*j* nak sampai ni nervous!
(ntah ape2 tak letak baju = b*j*)

sarah pahmi said...

haha ye ye nnt will try as hard as i can to take pictures. and not to rely on hubby on cameras anymore! hehe

chinn, geli lah b*j*! macam ape jeeeeeee =p sabar ok?

Iezu said...

glad that you're happy there and settling down with new friends. but, jgn sbb dh make new friends..lupe those in malaysia lak..

Iezu said...

glad that you're happy there and settling down with new friends. but, jgn sbb dh make new friends..lupe those in malaysia lak..

.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

salam singgah sekali lagi.. sy nk link kan ur blog in mine ye.. i love reading urs..