Thursday, March 12, 2009

As of today

Remember I have kembar 4? Hohoho

Today, Im a proud Mommy! Because my babies has grown chillis!
Dah ada 3 biji hahahaha.

Two from one baby, and one from another.
One is still berbunga2 (pls lah berbuah cepat sayang), and one lil baby is struggling to grow. But mommy can see a flower dah from you Yeayyyy!

Yes yes, the smallest of the bunch is stuggling, its tall, yet not too many leaves. But one flower! Its blooming, so its gonna grow some chillis soon!

Tak sabar nak petik cili-cili yang telah ditanam, dibelai, diabandonkan selama sebulan (En hubby tak jaga langsung! ggrrrr), dan dibelai semula.



Here's some pictures of my babies.

-The biggest and the smallest-

Please ignore our fugly balcony heh heh.

And this is the view from the balcony in the morning.

Yeah. Memang tak menarik pun!


Aisyah Pahmi said...

hahahhahahahahahhaha! Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki xD
ahaha. busy ape haa long?

a z a l i a said...

haha, comel je. :)

twisted-dolly said...

Aisyah: Mmg murah rezeki ho ho ho. Busy? ade laaahhhhh ho ho ho

Putri: Wait till u see them! hehe

yaya said...

bila lagi nak dpt baby? are the ticker telling us something? hehehe

Sorry, i tak intrude from my fren's blog nmpak twisted-dolly. i thot u r my other twisted-dolly fwen.

bestnya duk perth ikut hubby!jelesnyerr.. hehe
also, nice wedding u got there. congrats puan sarah! ;)

jemputla ke blog i yg baru nak start ni. :P

twisted-dolly said...

hi yaya. ohh link from ur friend's blog? sape eh? eheheh sibuk je.

anywayysss, ticker tu manade kena mengena ngn baby ke ape heeeee :p

thnks yaya. N ur getting enggaged and married soon. congratulations!