Thursday, March 5, 2009

All done

To whom it may concern. No I am not!

FYI, Ive been busy cleaning the house the whole week, plus doing the laundry yang bertimbun, and ironing a 5 weeks of worth of clothes and his work clothes.

Today is our house inspection. And Ive been cleaning the house for days! The property agent just left. She came over for barely a minute or so, looked here and there, jot down some notes, and took some pictures of the house, and left. That was quick! Tak worth langsung the time spent nk kemas rumah...

That's why I had an early morning today. And now Im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Thank god everything went well, and clean hehe. Reported a few things that needs fixing, and hopefull they'll come and fix everything very very soon.

And ohh we had a long weekend since Monday was a public holiday. So our weekend was spent outside. We rented a car for 3 days and we were out from morning until night. And I had no time at all to clean the house since I got home. Pheewwww!

And now its all done. Weeeeeeee!

Okayy peeps. Nak pergi goyang kaki!

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