Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today is the 4th day for me as a wife.

My husband is still sleeping hehe so that's why I have time to blog.

Chinn reminded me to update here when she kissed me goodbye on my reception. Yes dear, so here I am.

I guess many would wonder how my life is after the akad. To be honest, there isnt much of a change. Only now I have to cater to someone else's need lah pulak kan. I have to always remind myself whether he had his drink yet, food, his clothes, laundry etc. Ni belum duduk sendiri lagi ni...

Let me start from the day after reception.


Woke up around 9am, took bath, breakfast with dad, hubby and uncle. Opened the presents! Hehe

This is the first batch of the gifts. There's still a few more in the cars.

And here's some of the best wrapped gifts we received! Hehe

I was so impressed with all the nicely wrapped gifts! Hehe

And here I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came, and the presents and also the angpows! Hehe thank you very2 much!!! All of you are the greatest!

I will write about what happened on my nikah and also the reception, with pictures. And ohhhh, I have a slideshow of my akad nikah. Will try to upload it here, of FB or Friendster ye. It was actually meant to be shown at the reception, unfortunately ade org lupa bwk laptop! Soooooo sedihhhhh...


.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...

tahniah sarah n syed!! wish both of u the best~~
yana(kwn sekolah rendah syed)

Suraya said...

Puan Sarah (haha)

Baru tau awak ada blog :P well congratulations. glad all went well.

niema-sifiana said...


happy for both of u ;)

wishing u and husband semoga berbahagia and kekal ke akhir hayat :)

twisted-lullaby said...

yana: thanks!

su: still cannot get used to it with that title laa =p anyway, thnks ye. and thanks for the gift flown all the way from nz. i ade post psl ur gift! hehe

niema: hi niema! thank you so much for ur wishes... u bila lg? hehe

Faeeza said...

salam, sarahhhh!!!!congratzzz!!! smoga bahagia dunia & akhrat;) !!!

twisted-lullaby said...

thank you faeeza! =)