Monday, July 14, 2008

The first wedding gift I received

This morning after shower, I went upstairs for breakfast and there I saw lying on the coffee table, this...

I didnt know from who, but when I saw on the right-hand side written New Zealand Post, I smiled. Quickly, I turned the package to read the sender's name, although I already knew. It wrote Suraya Akbar, Wellington.

I opened the package. And there...

The card is lovely, and inserted there's a "short, very sweet note" from her.

Suraya wrote,

for my childhood friend, Sarah...

I may not be your closest clique, but we have had our set of adventure when we were little =) So you are indeed special to me. I've never really thought you'd be one of the first to be married. Nevertheless I am thrilled!

Hey, dont be nervous... for what you are about to endure is a lifetime of happiness. Imagine a man is taking a vow to love you every second of everyday... in fact, to love you for who you are.

Imagine having a hand to hold that is yours. Imagine your heart belonging to someone to hold with care and love.

Imagine waking up everyday beside the one you care deeply for. Imagine saying goodnight and wishing him good morning. Imagine the time when he introduce you as his wife. You will be the QUEEN of his heart, no one else.

The journey you are about to take is a lovely one to look forward to. You now have something to hold on to in case you fall, a hand to hold in case you're sad and a friend to share your laughter & joy with...

So look forward to it. Pay little attention to your possible weaknesses as a wife, after all you are young. You have your lifetime to learn.

As for now, celebrate love, celebrate that you have been blessed with a wonderful (not to mention, HANDSOME) man... in addition to your gorgeous family.

I wish you nothing but the best as a w.i.f.e =) and I hope your wedding goes well. Post pictures @ FB hehe...

This is the only contribution from me for your joyous day. I wish ever so badly that I could be there and celebrate with you.

Best wishes & good luck, Sarah & Fiance.

Lots & lots of love,
Suraya Akbar
June 2008

My dear Su, it was gorgeous! I had tears and all smiled up while I was reading it. It was beautiful, and I love it. And the book! Love it, love it, love it!
Thank you sooo much for the gift. Now I feel sad I wont be able to see you at my wedding...
Take good care of yourself, and see you when you're in Malaysia.

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