Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi everyone.

This is my husband, Syed Ahmad Khairi Syed Othman.
He left for Terengganu this morning. So im husbandless at the moment, until next week.

Encik hubby sengih2 bukak present.


p/s Please visit my aunt (kot?), Samirah's blog. She uploaded some of the nikah pics hehe

Sorry ye I dont have the pics with me YET.


Suraya said...

eh awak kenal Haneysa kan? kite used to go to kgv wit her for bout a year kot..hihi..kite bc blog dia, linked to yours, ngiahaha small world.

husbandless? PARTYYYYY! kikiki. memain jek ;p

twisted-lullaby said...

yeap kite knal die. kwn dkt utp. die pn ckp die knal awk hehe ohh i wanna put ur link to my blog k?

btw, taleh nk party laa (isteri yg baik) haha

Suraya said...

orait link lah. hehe kite link awk nyer gaks

It's Me! said...

OMG!! wat a small world. i was at your wedding (our dad were classmates in MCKK)! i love the garden wedding u had. it was awesome!!! cantik sangat. your dad was praying hard for the rain not to come. hehe.. comel gila.

btw, the daisypath at the bottom says that u guys have been together for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days --> congratulations!