Monday, July 7, 2008


Hajar arrived Saturday. Went to LCCT to pick her up. (Yup, she flew in AirAsia from Gold Coast). So happy to see her, sampai tears sempat keluar sekejap when i saw her (Sarah, sikit2 nk nangis! Teruk betul!)

Anywayyyy, she bought me some wedding pressies (ehehehehhe) and also a gorgeous pair of skinny, in grey! Yeayyyyy. I want to post the pic of me wearing it later. I nvr thought it wud look OK for me to wear skinny, because of my body type. But hey, when i tried those on (after a few trial lah jugak since ehem ehem sikit hehehehhe), it fit nicely and tak lah rempit sangat! haha eventho syed did said i look like a rempit. Damn.

Saturday was a bit of a shopping day, for syed that is. We bought some stuff for his hantaran. So the shopping was mostly for him, and I brought nothing for myself. So sad =(

BUT, saw a gorgeous Florsheim shoes, a bit similar like my old pretty fit shoe which i really loved but had to throw them away.
So this week's goal would be...
BUY THAT SHOE! hhehehe
*note to self: It is necessary. I WILL be needing it. Haha So no need to feel that guilty of spending the money on something else rather than brg penting utk kawin. Opss!

Did a checklist for Hajar to do. A loooong one hehe


Lagi 11 hari. Sakit perut.

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