Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Muhammad!


in 4 DAYS!!!

Again, ppl keep asking me how's the prep? And I would just simply answered back, "OK", or "Entah laa, ok kot".

If u wanna how how OK it will be, wait until Saturday.

I hope everything goes well.

Btw, thnx Din for the songs. hehehehe

I am excited. I hope I GLOW on that day haha. Seriously. I dont want to look drained and kusam. I have not managed to get enough sleep, YET. And im always dehydrated. Whyyyyyyyyyy? And my dad keep on bising2 with my "complexion yg sangat teruk". Is it that bad???

Anyhow, the family just got back from Jakarta. And all of us who was left behind can see how much fun they had shopping there. Thank god ada barang untuk kami semua juga! hehe And hajar bought lotssssss of DVDs, especially TV Series. I think she bought almost 100 DVDs. Gila. Bila kite ade time nk tgk nyeeeee???

And oh yeah, Happy Birthday Muhammad!!!
Hari ni dh 10 tahun. Kena act like 10 YEARS OLD ye, bukan 10 MONTHS OLD! Heh.
(As if he reads my blog. Mek Cah, tlg sampaikn pesan =p )

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Aisyah Pahmi said...

argh he just won't listen to me!
i've tried my best and all.
it's just, so so sad, he's totally like another person now, i just don't get it.