Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how we became us now

I remember the first time I saw him.

It was yearssssss ago, when I just got in into UTP. Back then I was still in a relaltionship and him, I think so too. He's a friend of Ealya, which is my new friend I made in UTP, and one night he came to our hostel to meet up with Ealya, to welcome her to UTP i guess? They've never met, just known each other tru "cyberworld" back in Terengganu so he never knew how Ealya looked like.

And all of us, 6 if im not mistake (Me, Ealya, Zu, Afifa, Haney, and Ziana), waited for him in our pajamas at our block. Me and Zu just finished our laundry, and we were actually on our way to our room with a big basket full of clothes, when Ealya stopped us, and asked us to "teman" her. So we agreed, mischievously, because we planned to play a trick on him.

When he arrived, he got out of the car, and walked to us, and asked us for Ealya. And I seriously couldnt remember who said this, "Oh, guess laa which one of us is Ealya", and he suddenly looked nervous. And at this moment, I remember he looked at me, (most probably wishing I was Ealya? ;p), and gave a hopeful look, but I just smiled. We gave him a hard time for a minute or so, then gave in.

Years later after that incident, we never actually officially meet. No one introduce us! Hehe

One night, in 2004, I followed Ealya with her friend for dinner at a restaurant outside UTP, and there he was at the same restaurant with his friends. They were having dinner, and karaoke. Obviously I remember him (not that I like him at that time YET =p). He got up and sang "Jemu", which i seriously cant remember what song is that. It was hilarious! As far as i remember lah kan. And me and Ealya laughed our hearts out! ehehe sorry sayang. So to make the story short, when I got up to leave, we kindda had an eye contact, and amazingly he smiled at me. So I smiled back. Tak baik lah pulak kan reject org senyum kt kite? ;) On our journey back to UTP, Ealya received a call from him, he asked her who I was and he said, "mintak kirim salam to ur friend". ehehehehehe

That's how we "officially" met.

A year later, FINALLY he made a move.

our second or third date, kena kacau dgn org, and they took a pic!

p/s just ignore what i was doing, ok?

I went to watch him play football. See the date! We've just started going out a few weeks


I was chatting with Jack aka Kephen today, and I was telling him about the slideshow that I uploaded here. And this is what he said.

kephen: hensem gak husband u tu eh

eh silap. not this one. =p

kephen: comel sgt korang dah kawinnn

Sarah: ehehehe
tak sangka kan?

kephen: itu laaa
suddenly i teringat satu malam tu
masa tu korang belum kuar sama2 lagi
ktorang duk la bakar jusoh "alah jusoh komon la kalau suke tu ajak je la kuar. ko cuak ape"
i siap ckp kalau takut sgt nk ajak u kuar meh i bwk korang sume (u ealya ziana) kuar pastu suh die datang
now u guys are married

Sarah: hehe
seriously die takut sampai camtu?
i wanna post this!

kephen: ha lah

Sarah: haha

kephen: sampai ktorang fedap

Sarah: ahh well, takut2 kawin jugak

kephen: haha
tu la
transformation tuh

So there.

So, after being pushed and di"bakar2" by his friends, we finally went out, and after 3 years of being inseparable , we got married. =)

p/s sayang, jgn marah sara ye... hehe


Suraya said...

so sweet...took him yearsss huh haha

kaznessrocks said...

hahahah sweet gila babe =)

mcm nak nangis lg! argh!

xamadx said...

tt's so sweet!
syed never told me this.hehe
congrats to you and syed. moga bahagie selalu.

sarah pahmi said...

su: yeap yearSSSSSS hehe

kaz: haha nk nangis? nangis laa kaz =p

xamadx: ermm sape ni eh? aiman eh? hopefully betul. hehe thanks =)