Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip to here and there

Just got home from Kemaman.

Yesterday, Dad smsed around 12pm telling us my uncle, Ayah Mat is having majlis asyura at his hse. I didnt know what the hell is asyura, and when I was packing to leave for Kemaman last night, I asked Mom should I bring baju kurung as well. I thought the asyura thingy is like majlis keagamaan ke ape! Ehehehe kena marah by Mom and even Aisyah sbb taktahu. They told me dah berjuta kali buat asyura ni, especially Ayah Mat dah buat every year! Errr okaayyyyyyyy...

So it turned out majlis asyura or "kacau sura" ni ada unsur2 gotong-royong skit. Sura ni pelik. Die mcm bubur in grey (Ewwww!), yg consist off minced meat, bawang, sayur(kot?) and mcm2 lagi, whatever they can find in the kitchen. Pelik kannnn? Style kacau mcm dodol, dlm kawah besar. And we had like 4 kawah! Unfortunately, no one took any picture of the sura, or time tgh kacau sura. Frust betul!

But anyhow, the trip to Kemaman was filled with a HUGE breakfast at Hai Peng, tgk2 perabot lama, and also to our old hse in Paka! So when we were in Paka, teringatlah zaman2 practical kt kerteh dulu... All the shops me and hubby went for bfast, lunch and dinner. And the restaurant where we first talked about weddings and what not. Rinduuuuuu!!!
[pictures will be uploaded in Facebook]

And I get to meet some of my relatives, and also Nenek! I missed her so much! So seeing her, and spent some time with her really made my trip back to Malaysia worth more. And had small talks with my aunties, and cousins... Catching up stories, and of course makan-makan...!

We rushed back to KL at 6pm. Initally the plan was to leave Kemaman at 3pm, but obviously terdelay and delay lagik. Finally Ayah panic sbb lambat sgt, since he has to attend an important dinner tonight. So he drove like mad to KL, and we arrived at 8.30pm sharp! Record!

So there. I'll be leaving for Kuala Terengganu on this coming Thursday until Monday. *sigh* Im sure gonna miss Iman. Rugi 4 hari! haha Dah laa Khamis tu birthday Umar... So im pretty sure they wont be doing anything special for Umar, unless Im home. Since org kuat takde nk semangat2 celebrate birthday...
I'll make it up to you when Kaklong comes back to KL ye sayang!

Nk tido. Tomorrow is Fatin's engagement!


hadi said...

lah, bukan majlis keagamaan ke?
dulu aisyah ada msg asyura2 apa tah. ingat majlis macam ada ngaji2 ke apa. haha.

hehe, bertolak dari kemaman mana pernah nak awal kan?

twisted-dolly said...

tak langsung di! baca doa sebelum kacau sura pun takde kot? hehe

a'ah tu laa sume ckp tayah blk laa, suh lmbt2 laa ,siap ada yg tido... mane tak lambat. tapi ayah drive laju mcm kilat laa lps tu kannnnn

azim.zainudin said...

aiyo sis bubur syura xkn xtau.
hahaha (tepuk dahi)
smpi paka dah la xroger.
mmg nk kena sembelih!

twisted-dolly said...

haha serious mmg taktau laa syura tu! pstu kena marah ngn nenek haha
alaa gi paka cam tiba2 je. parents nk jenguk rumah lama. sorry!

Anonymous said...

yang ooi~!!
asyura is on the 10muharram.. sunat berpuasa on that day~
tak ingat apa occasion nyer..
ada bubur~
bubur asyura..adik bradik bubur lambuk kmpung baru~
heehhe :)
bile balik perth??