Thursday, February 26, 2009

to you

Yesterday, I wrote a "hate/mad" entry.

But I rethink it again. And decided not to post it.

Sometimes it is so hard to be honest, because it will hurt people. But its ok for them to hurt me?

Ah well. I'll just keep quiet and let things be okay again. If they could ever be. But I cant pretend that I like you anymore. Not even a drop of niceness anymore for you. You deserve it.

Take care.


Anonymous said...


ealya said...

dah sampai umah ker? i mean perth... sure syed happy kan u dah balik =p

twisted-dolly said...

anon: siapakah???

ealya: ehh comment u tak masuk laa ngn entry ni haha! yes i am homeeee! of course dia happy. gila ape tak happy :p

baya said...

eyh saye ltk anonymous yerhhh..
anak hamzah di cni

twisted-dolly said...

cehhh kamu ini bayaaaa. ingtkan sape!

bahiraHamzah said...

cerita larh..cerita larh!!!