Friday, February 6, 2009

A day with senggol-senggolan

Last Monday, was public holiday. So everyone was free.

Ifa planned a karaoke day out. So all of us (minus Ziana, far far away in Bintulu and Fatin, was sick) meet up at Red Box in Pavilion. Ok lah its more of all of us, meeting Zaza. Ifa picked ALL of us! Bless Nor Afifah! :D

I had a great time that day. Although Im not very much of a singer, nor a fan of karaoke, but with good company, karaoke was fun! It's not often we get to hang out together. Im sure gonna miss all the fun, kerenah sorang2, joke2 bangang yg I tak get it sbb I tak keje kt KLCC (:p!) and most importantly just being with all of you guys. I wish I can always have that.

So before I leave for Perth again, we shall do something like this together again ok? And it does not include lunch on Friday (sbb slalu cancel)!


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