Monday, February 9, 2009

Engagement affair

Fatin's engagement was today.

And I was late! Bengong! I woke up at 8.30, sent aisyah to training, came back home duduk dpn laptop kejap. The next thing I remember, I was fast asleep and it was 10.40am! Gile lambat ok! Taktau macam mana boleh tertido lama pulak. I was planning to leave the house at 10. Cetttt. Penat semalam tak habis-habis lagi... *sigh*

While getting ready, it turned out the baju I was planning to wear went MIA! Menyesal tak check before tido. So I scanned trought the closet and picked a kebarung (p/s Baju ni mmg takde cutting lah zu! Meant to be besar ok?) in purple. Sampai-sampai rumah Fatin, tgk khemah purple. OMG! Masuk rumah, nampak Fatin's fiance... wearing a purple baju melayu! Double OMG! The exact same purple pulak tuuuuuuu!!!!


Dapat lah a few teases here and there. Tebal kan muka saja ya? hehe
We had our own table kat blakang rumah and we borak and borak and gelak and gelak sambil makan. Siap tambah2 nasi goreng ikan bilis breakfast leftover lagi! Punya lah tak malu...

Sometimes it feels weird when they were talking about things that I dont know (i.e Joke2 dekat office, or time lunch). Its weird when they are all still together, just like in UTP, but Im not there to enjoy it with them... So all I get are the bits and pieces. But all was goooooodddd!

Took more pictures, and then it was time to leave.

CONGRATULATIONS Fatin! Im pretty sure Syed tak bagi I balik dh for your wedding... :(
Tapi at least I got to be there at your engagement kan?
Do get better asap, and I'll see u next week!
And all of you babes as well ;)
Belanja I 5 ringgit sorang ok? :p


zooadorable said...

dont worry babe,even when ure hundreds miles apart ure still one of us ;)

p/s:u look so married!we feel left out hehe

twisted-dolly said...

i know babe... hehe
i look so married??? how is that??? hahaha