Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Went for an interview today with Marcus Evans. Not bad really (to me that is) yet i managed to tell the interviewer im fussy. *The criteria that I have*
What the fishhhh???
I meant to tell him im a detailed person, not fussy! And he wrote it down. And guess what? I told him not to write that down, but write "detailed" instead. Bahhh!
Will i receive a call from him to say that ive got the job? Not counting on it since what has been said and done is soooooo definately eerrr "dumb"?. I hope he thinks its funny instead. *crossing fingers*

So the day went by with a movie, minum petang and dinner. It was fun. Bf's last day in Kl, and im praying that he'll come again very2 soon. Went home around midnight. I had a great laugh with both sisters later at the dinner table talking about nothing in particular... and suddenly i remembered i have a task, a reseach assignment that i need to do for marcus. haih, belum keje dh ada keje. ahh well, sleep can wait.

till then. *yawn*

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