Friday, February 8, 2008

I hope its gonna shine!

I did write about the whole interview thingy. Went to the first interview on Tuesday, and guess what? They call again on Wednesday afternoon saying that im up for the second interview.
"When?" i asked. "Its 4pm today".
"TODAY?!" i practically screamed, and yes it was on that day at 4pm with the GM. I nearly freaked out and lost my appetite (but sekejap je since umi cooked nasi ayam hehe).
Called bf immediately asking him to come over and teman me for the interview. And he sweetly said yes and came over for lunch as well.

So back to the whole interview thingy, Im praying that i got the job. The guy who interviewed me said that i'd be able to know the result this coming monday. He asked me when i'll be available and i told him "Im available now and ready to start work as soon as possible". =D Sgt eager kan? But what the heck.
The job's not much but i want it sooo badly. I hope i got it. He told me there will be training on Tuesday IF i get the job. Errr Mr Max, is that a hint? I said quitely of course. But seriously, BF told me it will be great if i got the job. Of course it will be!
I seriously cannot wait to join EAlya hehe


Haneysa said...

Marcus Evans??
Where? How? What????


twisted-lullaby said...

haha ye ye nnt i update okayyyyy