Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend is here

the weekend is finally here!
Im so relieved and i felt so light...
Last night after work i can feel myself walking in the air... Cant really describe how i felt at that moment, but was talking to Cash and he told me he felt like the holiday is here. We all managed to go through our first week of work. It was hectic and tiring, but when the thursday came, and the clock showed 8pm, it felt like christmas (or Raya hehe).

So yes, what i wrote above officially tells you people that im working now. I dont really know how is it going to be in a month's time, or how long im going to last on this job. Maybe when im tired, i'll look for another less tiring job.

I made real great friends. Yee En, Cash (yeap, its CASH. what's not to like? hehe), Sharon n Ratna. they're all from the same training class as me, so yeah we do spend more time together (and some ppl doesnt really like that. sheeessshhh!)

work is work. lots of complaints. but yeah i gotta deal with it for a while. yeap, just for a while.

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