Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today is Wednesday

Its like every other day when i have nothing to do. And i have nothing to do practically everyday.

Woke up around ... (not gonna tell hehe), read bf's sms received 2 hours before regarding something, and the smses led to the conversation on the fact that he has another interview somewhere in damansara next week.

And that gave me a jump start. I promised him i'll start looking. I did. Browsed through the saturday Star last saturday (obviously) and made a "there's a possibility" mental notes with the job ads. And when i read his sms, i immediately ran upstairs and open the paper again (with a pen) and circled the ads that i've made mental notes before.

So there. Ive finished 20% of job hunting process. Now i should just recheck my resume, and email them. And wait for the call, and interview.

And here i am, in front of the pc, supposedly rechecking and editing my resume, but no, Im writing here. Hehe

So good luck Sarah on heading your new profound life.

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