Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They're here!

Barang2 dari Malaysia sudah sampai!
Barang2 yg kitorg shipped, that mostly consists of our wedding gifts arrived today at our house. And one big lugage that i completely forgot what's in it.

And ayah mat is here, my uncle from kemaman. And i pesan a few things to my dad suruh beli n some of my stuff yg tertinggal time packing mcm camera charger! I know, bangang kannn??? So maaf lah kalau mutu gambar tu kurang sikit ;p

Can u guys see what's inside? haha Oh ada a few things i already taken out. My shoes and wardrobe organizer.

And ayah mat yg super nice, bwk kan ini dari Kemaman! Yeayyy!

Best kan? Now we feel like home ;)

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