Thursday, October 23, 2008

iman cakap...

Iman: Ayah, jom naik kapal terbang pegi amik kaklong, abg syed, kak ngah dgn abg hadi...

And die ckp ni hari2, kata ayah. Mula2 mcm betul ke hari2? Then spoke to aisyah the other day and she said he did said it every single day.

Dan kemudian, tadi received a call from msia... and of course the first thing i heard was...

"KAKLONG! IMAN NK PEGI AMIK KAKLONG DGN ABG SYED DGN KAKNGAH DGN ABG HADI! NAIK KAPAL TERBANG!" Aawwwwww. Hati cair. Lembik. Dan sebagainya. Rasa tak sabar nk balik n peluk die sampai tak boleh nafas.

Confirmed. Sangat lah sweet. He misses us! Ke alasan nak naik kapal terbang and jalan2??? Hhhmmmmm...

Then die cakap, "Kaklong ada keta tak?" "Takde. Iman ada ke? "Ade. Iman nak lori." "Ok, iman nk lori apa?" "Errmmm iman nak lori... ermmm... (after a minute or so of ermmm) LORI POLIS!"

Coincidently, i went to the mall today and went looking for toys for him. And specifically went to the aisle where they have Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and whatever vehicles they have to sell, and i spotted a few toy trucks which i know he would love. But now i had no idea where to find 'lori polis'. I mean, do polis even have lori???

Muhammad and Umar pulak, tanya "Dah beli PSP?" And i was like "Errmmm belum! Kaklong takde duit lagi..." sambil jeling2 sengih hint2 to hubby. But i guess he didnt notice, or pretended not to notice.
And the two of them went on and on and on trying to a give name our soon to be baby. Which is takde lagi ok! Jangan panic ppl. They just cant wait and got excited. And each of them wanted me to name my baby after them, but with a 'Syed' in front. Hmmpphhh teka nak boy sajeeeeeee.

Yet another post of Iman. And the other two rascals. I miss them.
And aisyah, somehow i miss u too =p

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Aisyah said...

i tau xD
hahhhh sedih k takde kwn.