Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Long Weekend

Like Ive mentioned before, we were actually planning to go camping.
Yet somehow over here, its not possible to do that at the very last minute. Most of the camping spots that I called were fully booked, and they told me it was fully booked weeks before! And you can't just camp anywhere you want. *sigh*

So we were back to square one. Didnt know what to do and where to go. Since hubby was planning to go fishing, on Friday we decided to go fishing near Swan River after lunch, which was nice. We went to a small park near East Perth and caught just one, a blowfish! LOL!
It was a nice day, we had our picnic blanket and some snacks, and I had my book.

Saturday came and hubby decided to take me to Yanchep National Park. There's a lake there, so we thought we could fish there. Bila sampai mcm frustrated sbb tak boleh. Dah laa nk naik boat around the lake pun takde. We walked around the park, saw some koalas sleeping in the trees, and took some pictures. We had a picnic near the lake, then we went straight to the Crystal cave.

It was our first time in a cave, so everything was very new and interesting to us. It was kind of humid in there, so my skin started to get oily, maka gambar2 yg diambil sungguh laa buruk heheh. After Yanchep, we went to a beach nearby, Two Rocks, utk apa lagi, fishing lah! Hubby is kindda addicted now, hari-hari ingat fishing je. I got bored while he fishes, so I started to feed the fish dkt tepi batu-batu with bread. Hubby mcm marah sikit sbb ckp kacau org nak mancing ehehehehe. We stayed there until petang, and balik dgn tangan kosong. Bohooo.

The next day I decided to go to Fremantle to see the Street Arts Festival, which was held every year. We went last year tu pun kebetulan pegi Fremantle tiba-tiba tgk ramai org. So we went again this year to watch the buskers performs, and it was a great fun! I really-really enjoyed the festival, seeing different cultures and performances.

This mime guy is a regular in Perth city, and I used to watch him during the weekends in the city.

This guy is funny! Unfortunately we only got to watch the last 15 minutes of his show.

They are awesome! They're Tribal village dance band, and they have some really cool tribal songs and dance moves. We really enjoyed their show.

Anddd there's this one funny makcik dancing in the middle of the show, wearing a yellow tshirt that said "Support Penang", so Im guessing she's Malaysian! You can see her pictures in my FB ;)

So yeah, basically that's what we did during the hols. Monday we just stayed at home, kepenatan sbb hari-hari jln. :D

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