Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last Saturday, we woke up around 5.30am and met up with Abg Shahid and Kak Nadia at their house around 6.30ish. We then met up with other people (I didnt really know most of them) in Willetton and left for Mandurah around 7.30am. Punya lah lama nak menunggu. Konvoi beramai2. I think there were at least 10 cars.

I cant really remember what time we arrived, but the sun was already on top of our heads. Menyesal tak beli topi bulat besar yg cun utk mengcover muka so that tak hitam. Bila sampai, all the ladies yang ada anak2 semua bentang tikar bawah pokok yg rendang and keluarkan picnic basket masing2. Hubby was too excited to get into the water, so I immediately put on my aqua shoes and amik satu scoop and sengih.

Hubby: "Laa nak jugak pegang scoop ke?"
Me: "Ye lah. Nak tangkap ketam jugak."

Masuk je air, mind you, air kat tepi2 dia sangat lah busuk! Maybe sebab kering kot, banyak gila lalat. Bila dah jauh sikit air dah paras keting, baru laa nampak air bersih. I was a bit anxious and nervous, because hubby reminded me over and over again that if the ketam sepit, SAKIT gila tau. So I spent the whole time looking out for crabs, but not to catch them, but to actually run away! The first time I saw a crab, i screamed, and backing off. Hubby cepat2 patah balik and asked me to catch it. Seriously I was so scared. Last-last hubby yang tolong tangkap ngeh ngeh ngeh. Lepas tu kena buang balik sebab its too small. We cant just simply catch any crabs we see. There's a minimum of 12cm size I think. Correct me if im wrong.

After the first crab encounter, we went further. I think we walked around 500m further out, and the ground was filled with seaweeds. It looks dark and again, scary because you dont know what's hidden under all those weeds. Hubby told me crabs might hide under there, so you have to be extra careful. Bila dah dengar macam tu, lagi lah takut! Air dah sampai paras peha, and hubby was walking faster ahead of me. I was way too nervous and everytime i think i see something in the water, i stopped. And yelled out for hubby to wait for me. And there were times I simply stood there in the water screaming at hubby to help me out. Seriously, now I know that Im a penakut!

After about 2 hours in the water, I told him Ive had enough. And of course, he had to walk back with me ehehehhehee. Plus he's tired too, lagi2 takde sekor pun dapat! Most of the crabs that he (he je ye. I didnt caught anything sebab takut :p ) caught were too small, so he had to throw them back into the water. And he told me last time he went (last year), there were many. Tak payah cari2, nampak je dia keluar. So that day wasnt really a good day to go crabbing anyway.

But the rest of the group caught some. Most of them dalam 2 ekor je, but at least ada than nothing at all!

Here's some of the crabs. Ni hasil bukan seorang ye. Ni ramai2 punya ;) Ada lagi, tapi ni among the first yg naik.

Abg Shahid dengan, rasanya bukan ketam yang dia tangkap. But the biggest of all.

This lil girl, I couldnt remember what's her name, sangat lah berani nk pegang ketam

Actually, there's only 3 pictures for that day, sebab battery habis bila nk snap picture yg ke 4!

Anyway, we left around 11 or 12pm because we were tired. And we were supposed to go to a wedding right? But once we got home, kemas-kemas tukar baju, terus tidur!

Later that evening, we got ready to go to Mussel bar in Fremantle for hubby's company. We didnt have any dinner because of course, we thought it will be a seating dinner. Apparently not! When we got there, everyone was standing and holding a glass each, in the middle of the restaurant with only a few empty tables. I was a bit worried, because we didnt have any lunch that day, just samosas for tea. And when I saw the waiters were holding trays of finger foods, my heart stoppped. GREATTTTTTT. Im guessing its a cocktail party? We're gonna be starving!

So we went through the whole night waiting for the waiters to come around us and offer us the food. Yang bosannya, not all were seafood. So everytime kena tanya ape isi dia. Haih. Nasib baik lapik laa jugak perut. But I cant say that we were really that kenyang pun. So anyway, here's the one and only picture that we took that night. Busy migling around and make conversations lah kononnya ;)

So yeah. All in all, we had a good Saturday ;D

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