Saturday, January 9, 2010

No fireworks?

Happy 2010 everyone.

I know Im 9 days late. But hey, better late than never right?

Its been so long since I wrote anything. I did posts a few, but just a short and sweet ones. Ive been terrible. Managing everything, juggling everything.

Ever since I got back from Malaysia after Eid, Ive been busy. Although I do have time for Facebook, unfortunately none here.

Life has been quite interesting since October. We've moved to the suburb. So Im no longer a "city girl" HA HA. We're living in a three-bedroom house now. Not too big, but not too small either. I'd say just nice, but still plenty of room.

[this is a space for a picture of our house]

November came, and so does friends. November left, and so does friends. Fatin and her family, including her husband and her baby in her bump came to visit Perth, and they stayed for around 10 days. Showed them around, and Fatin and hubby stayed at our house for a couple of days.
Kak Sarie and family left Perth for good. Im going to miss them very much. The sad part was that we didnt get to send them off at the airport as we would have hoped, because of unfortunate circumstances, and bad timing I'd say.

[this should be a space where I put me and kak sarie's picture, including lana. unfortunately, we never took any pictures together. so sad]

Then December came. Fatin went back to Malaysia, a week later Afifah and her cousins came. And they were here for 10 days as well. Had a great time while they were here, and Ifa stayed at our house for a few days. Took her shopping (of course!), and we had a great time on Boxing day. A record, from 9am-5.30pm shopping, non-stop!

[this will be a space where i show off my catch of the day]

One day after Afifa and her cousins left, Aya came, for 4 days. Didnt manage to take her around as much, but took her to Fremantle (we took the Captain Cook Cruise), and also to King's Park. And had a nice evening at the Cottlesloe beach and City beach, watched the last sunset of 2009, and had an early night. Didnt even watch the TV for the fireworks!

And today, its already 9 January 2010.

I missed Iman's birthday, on the 7th! Will have to call Umi and talk to him later. Im anxious to see him in his school uniform. He's 5 this year!

[im still waiting for anyone to send me iman's picture in his uniform so i can put it up here]

Everything is moving so fast, I can barely breathe!

Tomorrow shall be a long, tiring, and interesting (I hope) day. We're leaving at 5.30am to go crabbing in Mandurah, a wedding in Balcatta, and a company dinner in Fremantle. Pheww.

Its already 1am and Im so tired.

I'll write more soon, with pictures. Dont worry. Its one of my new year resolution ;)

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Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

finallyyyyyyyyyyy u wrote sumthin puan sarah! hehe. hope u baik2 aje kat sane.take care ;)!