Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey people!!!!


OMG i cant believe im here! I mean in blogger that is ;p
Seriously had been trying to look for an internet cafe and get a nice 1 hour time only to be spent here hihihihi so here I am.

Had been writing a lot on my laptop before i can get here. So lets see what we've got so far eyh?

13 Sept.

We landed approximately at 3pm. The weather was 17 Degrees, sejuk gila! With the wind lagi. Cepat2 pakai jacket and sweater.
At the airport, we had to go through the custom and quarantine, and that took us a nice 1 1/2 hour.
We got lucky with all the food stuff that we brought along with us, that includes Maggi, Tom Yam paste, Tandoori mix, Nasi goreng paste,
some spices and instant soups. Unfortunately cloves and soup are not allowed, so they had to quarantine it.
But i dont mind that much, as long as I have my tomyam paste and tandoori chicken mix, im good! =D And hubby's Maggi, of course.

Took a taxi to the hotel and it costs us AUD40! That equals to RM120! Thank god hubby's company will pay it back.
Got into the hotel, freshen up and took a walk down the city. Ohhhh cantik sangatttt Perth! The town's really quite and
there's not so many ppl walking around. Then we realized it was Saturday. Patut laa sunyi! Even jalan pun tak byk kereta.
Did not take any pictures on the first day. Punya lah menyesal. Next time, im going to snap, snap, and snap some more!
We walked around at Murray St Mall and Hay St Mall to look for halal food and found most of the Kebab shops' halal, so sounds good to us.
Godaan makan kat sini mmg byk. With the smell of freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches, and of course the kebabs, telan air liur je laa sampai time buka.
Since most of the halal food here are kebabs, so that was our first meal in Perth. Not so bad. Asalkan kenyang perut sudahh...

The prices for food kat sini a wee bit expensive for us, since we have to put aside around AUD2500 for our appartment rent later on.
A meal for one can go up to AUD10, and that's supposed to be cheap, I guess. Im not sure if there's any other place that's cheaper,
but if anyone can actually suggest a good makan place around Perth that wont cost too much for two pax, let me know!
Oh yeah, we had to go out for meals since we're living in a hotel, and cooking is a bit of a hassle.
Tried to cook nasi goreng on the second day for sahur, and I had to open the door to the balcony to avoid the smell and the
food went cold by the time I serve them on the plate. Sigh! (Good reason not to cook, YET! ;p)

So on Sunday, we met with the relocation agent, Carol, which Syed's company had hired to help us around. She's great!
Really friendly and helpful. She suggested a few units for us to look around, and set a viewing date on Tuesday. Price for rent here is expensive!
In the city that is. Haihhh! Dah laa tak earn any income yet, dh kena keluarkn duit. The rent is per week, unlike back home is per month.
After the meeting with Carol, me and hubby again took a nice, long walk to explore the city, and we walked up to the Northbridge.
There, we found a few asian mini markets, and i felt like home. You can even find kicap Habhal there hehe
Bought some telur, roti, beras, minyak masak, and some other cooking stuff i cant really remember what ;p
And here, we also found some Malaysian restaurants, along with Indonesian and Asian restaurants.
So on our second day, we had some nasi with lauk2 at a Singaporean hawker style shop. Lega boleh makan nasik. Nasib baik sedap! And oh yeah, some sushi for me heh heh

oh here's some pictures I took while we were wandering around the city. And of course, there's not much picture of me... =(

In the hotel room, heh heh ;p

An angel, on Sunday in the middle of a mall!

This is to Iman. He looooveeessssss fire trucks!

I dont know why, I just had to take a snap of them when we were walking down the Swan river

On the ferry to South perth

Along London Court, and as usual, my kaki bengkok!

Hubby, at Murray St mall

So yeah, I guess that's about it for now.
Have some other posts that i will post later. Its just that i dont have the pics with me yet. So take care everyone!
Going back to the hotel now, hubby will be home any minute! Yikes!


Suraya said...

when u come to nz u let me know :P

if not i see u kat goldcoast in dec? kikiiki~

enjoy perth! i havent been there:P aritu gi melby, brisbane n sydney jer...budget n time constraint kekeke...hubby start work bila??

Aisyah Pahmi said...

my god! so pretty! i meant the place. not u :P nnt kemungkinan mcm kaklong akan gemuk je. hehe

can't wait nak pegiiiiii!

Iezu said...

been opening your blog several times in a day for updates...and voila! today ade update! =)

mcm cantik je that place. kalau saya dtg ziarah one day (mcm la mampu!), awak and syed harus bawak jalan2 k? hehe

enjoy! take care! kem salam kat syed!

sarah pahmi said...

su: oh yes, definately will! dh tanye syed dah bile boleh gi nz haha he started working already, monday. still a lazy week for him.

esah: gemuk? agak laa! haha well, mmg cantik pn. nnt i update gamba2 view yg lagi cantik, bersama muka angah sekali okeh? die sampai mlm ni. yeayyy!

din: yeah, susah laa nk dpt internet kat sini. cc mahal! kalau convert to rm laa kan hehe oh yes, sy akan buat awk mampu jugak utk dtg sini ;p cepat sikit ok? hehe

Suraya said...

din jahat. kite dah dok sini 4 tahun tak singgah pon!

kuikui...awak plan nak kerja ke sarah? dh dpt rumah?

Iezu said...

i had every intention of visiting you there. sape x nak jalan2 tgk dunia sambil ziarah kengkawan? fulus/moolah/ka-ching/ongkos/pitih je yg x pernah cukup. mu pahe dok mek sue? =P

sarah pahmi said...

wo wo wo! aizuddin berkecek kelate. bravooo!!! anywayyy su, yeap got a place 2 weeks ago! yeayyyy! tapiiii tak boleh nk post any aprmnt pics yet sebab somehow, i cant find my charger for my camera!!! bangang tak bangang.
nnt laa amik gamba dgn camera phone je heh. and yeap, am planning to find a job. but tatau lagi bila nk ready mentally untuk keje hehehehehehhee time ni tgh malas lagi ;p

Aisyah said...

iman mata gleaming je. haha

sarah pahmi said...

ye ke? haha nnt sy email awk lah gamba2 keta bomba. byk lg nih. everytime lalu, i snap! tgh cari2 baju bomba nih utk dia. kot2 sini ada hehe