Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look at the ticker!


If you open my blog today, on June 18, my ticker will say "1 month until our big day."

I woke up at 7.50am today, saw the date, and immediately i could sleep no more. Got lots of things running on my mind, thinking and planning and etc for the big day. So I got out of bed, and had a short(half-hour!) chat with ayah & umi about the time line and what we should finish in two weeks time. And that includes distributing the cards. And oh yes, we went to Jakarta last week to pick up our cards. Yeay! Finally! And it is sooooooo gorgeousssss...! haha
But anyhow, I would not publish any photo of the card until I've distribute it to everyone hehe (nnt basi laa card tu kalau post kat sini terus, betul tak? =p )

So my weekends for the next 4 weeks is mostly planned out. I squeezed some time as well to meet up with friends (alang2, can distribute the cards as well) and meet up with Encik Syed. He's coming to KL this week for a cousin's wedding, and MOST PROBABLY Im going as well as he said I have to meet his relatives from Johor. I guess it a beginning of emerging two families =p

And great. I just received a phone call from my tailor. Im supposed to have my fitting today, but he postponed again (the third time!) till next week. Gile hapeeee???!!! So, end up I will be getting my dresses 1 week before the wedding. Sabar je lah. Nak marah pn tak guna... Haih.

What to do. Let us all pray the day will come smoothly. Amin.


EaLya said...

i nak kad jugak. x kire!
kalo x, xnak kasi adiah :P

twisted-lullaby said...

ok i dh kasi card.
KENA bagi hadiah tauuu! tp bkn yg i tunjuk hari tu laa... tu lmbt lg =p