Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today, my future husband received a GREAT news.

This news is going to change our lives forever.


Ive been trying to keep a cool head about it and not spread the "not sure" news yet. But now... OMG!!! I cant wait to tell the world.

But first, let me break the news to my parents first hehe

Sayang, Im so proud of you. You deserve it! And I can get bits and pieces of your rezeki2 yg melimpah ruah tu ehehehehhee. The best part it, we got the great news on our anniversary! Yeay!

So to all of you, I will definitely tell all of you what is the news. I promise.

Till then, nak berangan sekejap.


kamen said...

apa berita nya?
dem aku tatau ko ada blog...
akan ku tagged!

twisted-lullaby said...

haha! br tau ke? isk isk.
berita? hmm sabarrrrr