Thursday, March 20, 2008

to whom it may concern

I really2 wish i can earn more.
Money is tight and now its depressingly not enough.

Ive been complaining a lot have I?

I want happy thoughts.


chinn said...

hey ape ni depress2 pasal duit.

first thing first, stop buying muhammad happy meal ok, unless he's been extremely mannered. hehe.

mane sara i yg super cool ni. yang nothing can pull her down. hilang ke ape.

Aisyah Pahmi said...

oooh, saya merepek la skrg?

awak tu merepek pasal tak cukup duit.buleh jeee buat cukup.hehe

Anonymous said...

sar.. sar.. serious shit! you hve to tukar your pic. burok gile the background~~ cant stand it nemore.. teeeheeee. more story sar! make the time babe!

twisted-lullaby said...

haha the background tu classic k. mana nk dpt dkt kl =p yeah yeah i'll make the time. dont worry

Haneysa said...

ade je kat kl. kat jln tar.
ade countdown lah u. lingerie cun-cun dah beli belom? ops.
i belom beli kain lagi. shitsss.

twisted-lullaby said...

lingerie cun2? dammit. takkkkk! haha

babyish_angel said...

how come u didnt tell me the exact date of ur big day??i kecik hati!xnk pg!

twisted-lullaby said...

ehhhh tak lagi ke? tu laa sape suruh tak dtg time i tunang =p
hehehe okayyy okayyy nnt i announce ok?