Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum everyone.

Salam Ramadhan as well. I haven't been writing in ages! Im just too lazy like that.

Ive checked that the last time I wrote anything was in March this year. So it wasn't so bad right? (Nak sedapkan hati).

After a few months now, Ive decided to come back here and write a little. Because Ive promised myself to jot something down somewhere, if anything exciting happens. And yes, something exciting is happening right now. Im pregnant!!! Alhamdulillah :D

I have been keeping it for a while, even though I've written something once in a while since early this year. It was hard to not just spill the news, but I had to. Pregnancy is a sensitive issue to me. So when I found out Im pregnant again back in January, I wanted to keep it to myself, until Im really-really sure. Including telling my husband.

So yeah. Basically Ive known that I was pregnant for about a week or so, and until my period is due, I decided its time to tell him. We were already in bed, lights off and everything. Before he dozed off, I whispered to him, "Nak tau something tak?" He just hmmed a little, and I said, "Im pregnant." Cepat-cepat dia bangun haa. "Serious???" And I said yes, Ive known for a while, did the home pregnancy test kit twice, and realized some symptoms that Ive never had before.

Syed quickly got up and went to the bathroom, and he made a quick sujud syukur. I was nearly in tears when I saw what he did. After that, only that we talked. He asked me a lot of questions, and finally we decided we'll keep it to ourselves until everything is confirmed. And since we're going back to Malaysia in March, we decided we're gonna tell everyone back home then. We don't want to quickly jump into the excitement too much, as of fear is still with us. Especially me.

And so after about 8-9 weeks pregnant, we went to see the doctor. He was so happy to hear the news, and so happy that Ive gone that far. And oh yeah, I did pregnancy test every week since it was positive, up to the day I saw my doctor. Just to be sure. Right there and then, the doctor gave us some slips so we can do an early scan, and also referral letter to the OBgyn.

And everything starts from there. Up till now. Alhamdulillah I am now turning 32 weeks. Not far to go!

p/s While Im writing this, baby is wriggling vigorously in my belly. Hurts a little bit, but I don't mind at all :D


roostersnake24 said...

Congrats on the baby! Keep strong. :)

F a i z a h ' s said...

Tahniah...mg dipermudahkan sgala urusan ye :)

ILynn Virgobiru said...

ooohhh...hope everything goes well for you sarah!