Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Perfumes for sale


Hello peeps!

Here's a list of the perfumes available.

These are original perfumes, and please I would prefer no requests on other perfumes that are not in the list because I dont have as much time as before.

Please visit Perfumes Galore!


p/s Shipping costs will apply from KL.


Beckham Intimately Night for Men 75 edt RM90
Beckham Signature 75 edt RM90
Burberry Touch for Men 30 edt RM85
Burberry Weekend 30 edt RM85
CK One 200 edt RM150
CK One Summer 100 edt RM120
CK Contradiction 100 edt RM120
CK Truth 100 edt RM150
CK Eternity 100 edt RM150
CK Euphoria 100 edt RM200
CK Free 100 edt RM200
Davidoff Echo 100 edt RM140
D&G The One for Men 100 edt RM230
D&G Dolce & Gabbana 125 edt RM230
FCUK Him 50 edt RM80
Guess Suede 75 edt RM100
Gucci Envy 100 edt RM200
Versace Eau Fraiche 100 edt RM190
Versace Pour Homme 50 edt RM160
Versace Pour Homme 100 edt RM190


Armani Idole D'Armani 50 edp RM240
Armani Code 75 edp RM270
Burberry London 30 edp RM85
Burberry Touch 30 edp RM85
Burberry Weekend 30 edp RM85
Beckham Signature Women 75 edt RM100
Beckham Intimately Night 50 edt RM90
Beckham Intimately Night 75 edt RM110
Britney Spears Belive 30 edp RM80
Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy 30 edp RM80
Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy 50 edp RM100
Britney Spears Fantasy 30 edp RM80
Britney Spears Fantasy 100 edp RM120
Britney Spears Fantasy Circus 100 edp RM140
Britney Spears Curious 50 edp RM100
Britney Spears Curious 100 edp RM100
Bvlgari BVL 2 Pour Femme 50ml edp RM160
Bvlgari Omnia 25 edp RM120
Bvlgari Omnia 40 edp RM140
Bvlgari Omnia 65 edp RM200
Bvlgari Jade 40 edt RM140
Bvlgari Rose Essentials 50 edt RM160
Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin 50 edt RM150
Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin 100 edt RM180
Bvlgari Pour Femme 100 edp RM210
Bvlgari Pour Femme 25 edp RM100
Bvlgari Jasmin Noir 50 edp RM200
Bvlgari Jasmin Noir 100 edp RM225
Bvlgari Rose Essentials 100 edt RM225
CK Contradiction Women 50 edp RM120
CK IN2U for Her 150 edt RM180
CK Secret Obsession 100 edp RM150
CK Euphoria for Women 50 edp RM180
CK Euphoria for Women 100 edp RM240
Chloe Chloe 90 edt RM120
Chloe Chloe 30 edt RM70
Chloe Narcisse 30 edt RM70
Chloe Narcisse 100 edt RM120
Christina Aguilera Inspire 100 edp RM120
D&G D&G for Women 100 edt RM220
D&G The One 50 edp RM220
D&G The One Rose 75 edp RM260
Davidoff Cool Water 100 edt RM130
Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty 100 edt RM90
Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean 100 edt RM120
Elizabeth Arden Splendour 125 edp RM100
Elizabeth Arden 5th Ave 75 edp RM80
Elizabeth Arden 5th Ave 125 edp RM90
Elizabeth Arden True Love 100 edt RM80
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 100 edt RM80
Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers 100 edt RM80
Elizabeth Arden Red Door 100 edt RM90
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Velvet 50 edp RM80
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 100 edt RM100
Escada Escada S 30 edp RM120
Escada Moon Sparkle 50 edt RM120
Escada Ocean Lounge 30 edt RM120
Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise 50 edp RM170
FCUK FCUK Her 50 edt RM80
Gucci Gucci 50 edp RM190
Gucci Gucci 75 edp RM240
Gucci Flora 50 edt RM200
Gucci Flora 75 edt RM250
Gucci Gucci II 75 edp RM240
Guess Guess for Women (Pink) 30 edp RM90
Guess Guess for Women (Pink) 75 edp RM120
Givenchy Organza 50 edp RM170
Givenchy Ysatis 50 edt RM170
Givenchy Amarige 100 edt RM230
Giorgio Giorgio for Women 90 edt RM120
Hilary Duff With Love 100 edp RM95
Jlo Glow 100 edt RM150
Jlo Glow 50 edt RM100
Jlo Sunkissed Glow 100 edt RM140
Jlo Love at First Glow 100 edp RM140
Jlo Live Luxe 50 edp RM120
Lanvin Rumeur 30 edp RM90
Lanvin Arpege 50 edp RM160
Lanvin Arpege 100 edp RM200
Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka 30 edp RM110
Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka 100 edp RM170
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs 30 edp RM110
Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps 100 edt RM180
Prada Prada 80 edp RM240
Paris Hilton Just Me 30 edp RM80
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton 30 edp RM80
Ralph Lauren Romance 30 edp RM160
Ralph Lauren Notorious 50 edp RM100
Ralph Lauren Ralph 30 edt RM140
Ralph Lauren Ralph 50 edt RM180
Ralph Lauren Ralph Rocks 50 edt RM120
Ralph Lauren Ralph Rocks 100 edt RM160
Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Blue 75 edt RM170
SJP Lovely 50 edp RM120
SJP Lovely 100 edp RM150
SJP Covet 100 edp RM100
SJP Pure Bloom 100 edp RM100
Versace Bright Crystal 30 edt RM150
Versace Versace Women 100 edp RM170
Versace New Woman 100 edp RM240
Versace Crystal Noir 90 edt RM230
Vera Wang Princess 50 edt RM160
Vera Wang Princess 100 edt RM220
YSL Elle 50 edp RM140
YSL Parisienne 30 edp RM160
YSL Parisienne 50 edp RM230
YSL Baby Doll 30 edt RM120
YSL Cinema 50 edp RM170
YSL Yvresse 125 edt RM170
YSL Young Sexy Lovely 30 edt RM90
YSL Young Sexy Lovely 75 edt RM120
YSL Opium for Women 50 edt RM160
YSL Opium for Women 100 edt RM240
YSL Paris 30 edt RM140
YSL Paris 50 edt RM200
YSL Paris 125 edt RM240


Aisyah Pahmi said...

banyak nak mampussssssss

Sarah said...

ahaha ni pun ada yg tanya2 yg takde dlm list

kedaionline said...

Elizabeth Arden 5th Ave/Elizabeth Arden Red Door lotion ada tak?brp trmsuk kos pos ke selangor, malaysia..tq

Sarah said...

sorry lotion takde. tq

Anonymous said...

Burberry Touch for Men please.
Shipping to Taman Tun.


Sarah said...

Dearest athirah,

Ive just closed the order this morning because the sale is over, therefore the price will be different and most are sold out. But i will try and see if it is still available and whether the price is still the same. Will get back to you once I know the details. Thanks

ema_rahimah said...

i'm interested to buy elizabeth arden true it still available??berapa costnya trmsk kos delivery to selangor??...tq