Thursday, August 21, 2008

To all of you

I know some, okayyy A LOT of ppl is wondering where we're going (esp sue hehe sbb awk jauh sgt! org dkt2 sume dh tau =p) after we got married.

I may have hinted here and there (ok, byk hint sebenarnya) about something something.

So here it is, the big news.

We're moving to Perth. We dont really know when is the exact date YET because we have to wait for the Visa approval, then only we can kecoh2, packing2 and buy our flight tickets.

Why we're moving to Perth? My husband got a job there (yippee for him, and double yippee for me! haha), dont ask me how, where etc, ask him ye. I mls nk lyn ehehe Anyhow, his contract did not say when he's suppose to start work, but according to the HR manager, we only need for the Visa approval, and I guess once its approved, we can fly straight there, and for him to start work immediately. If he wants to lah kan. But obviously we'll fly straight. Takkan nk tunggu sebulan lg duduk melepak without any income kannn?

A lot of ppl has been asking "Bila nya nk pegi?". Berjuta2 kali, and seriously we DONT KNOW! So we politely answered back "Insyallah, end of this month. Kalau Visa lambat, September lah! Sempat puasa kt Msia dulu." Sopan innit? Mereka tanya banyak2 kali ni mcm tak sabar pulak nk kitorg pergi. Isk. hehe tak baik ckp mcm tu. Diorg concern agaknya, or nk schedule time nk hantar kitorg ke airport maybe?

So anyhow, hope all of you are satisfied with the short, and tak berapa detail punya explanation.
Will definately inform ASAP via sms, phone call, face-to-face, or blog, etc when we finally have the official date. But for now, we are still here, in Malaysia (KL/Terengganu) doing nothing.

And oh btw, next week finally dpt pegi honeymoon! Yeayyyyyyy!
Thank you sayang! =D
I love you the very very much!


Iezu said...

"Insyallah, end of this month. Kalau Visa lambat, September lah! Sempat puasa kt Msia dulu."

amboi2...rupenye yg awak reply msg saya hr tu...template respond la ni?

Suraya said...

apela din..tak baik la asik nk kondem sarah jer..

and sarah, kalo awk g perth...hjg tahun ni gi goldcoast jom! hehe leh jumpe b4 kite pulang ke tanah air...heehe :P

Iezu said...

eh eh? bile pulak aku kondem dia ni sue? aku tanye je...

btw sarah, now tht awak dh publicly announce...saya pon nk berkongsi kegembiraan dlm blog saya boleh?

Suraya said...

ko x realize kot, sume komen ko cam sarcastic je aku bace. tu je.

a z a l i a said...

perth! sungguh menarik. :) anyways,
selamat berhoneymoon!

Haneysa said...

updates on honeymoon please. tapi filter content ye kitrg tak married lagi. hehe.

sarah pahmi said...

din: tu bkn msg template. tp somehow akan tertype reply yg sama je ehehehehhe

su: din mmg suke kondem kite. ape2 mesti die ade negative comment hehe goldcoast? seriously? planning nk gi nz end of the yr ehehehe ;)

azalia: menarik ;) thanks!

haney: just got back laa chinn. sabar ok? definately will filter =p