Friday, April 25, 2008

A few tips here and there

To those who's getting married, make sure u register!
OMG, i didnt know we have to ask permission to get married. I am right now, reading "Prosedur permohonan nikah perempuan".

And shit, i have to take HIV test? Not to say that im scared if i have HIV, but the thought of going to a clinic to take a test scares me... a lot!

So anyhow, ive just realized I have another 3 months or so to go, and i have to settle all those forms and application a month b4 nikah. So there goes my kindda "goyang kaki" plan a month b4 the big day.

And oh yeah, im planning to go to a spa retreat with babes. Any suggestion where we shud go? What do you think babes? Ehehehe
P/s Chinn, i baru ckp2 kosong dgn zu je. What do YOU think? =p


babyish_angel said...

how bout sunway resort n spa??hehe tp...mmg kena save $$ from now la ;p

alia detsiwt said...

you know the fish spa does a whole body treatment jg kn?

i am nw imagining u chics giggling kena nibble dgn ikan.

twisted-lullaby said...

omg i takut laa nk g fish spa! hehe

i yg stuck dgn fyp presentation said...

whole body fish-spa??? gile hape?
kalau the fishy mouth gigit2 our boobs and down there? dah la some of us punya radius-ly challenging..even a cell pun count tau!

erk. scary. no no.

twisted-lullaby said...

haha! i pun terpk what if the fishes gigit2 boobs! so scarryyyyy

kamen said...